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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kebaya Kartini on Culture and history

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Photos and bun Modern Kebaya for Kartini Day Warning - Soon Kartini Day. Moments Kartinian synonymous with kebaya and bun. Dress commemorate Kartini Day today many prefer modern kebaya and bun. today and since kebaya recognized as world cultural heritage as a popular Javanese traditional clothes of the designers was to cultivate a modern style and it does not eliminate the impression of Indonesia, as well as the so-called bun hairstyle is in order in such a way as to make it look modern and of course Indonesian woman gives the impression of a beautiful and charming, nahh for you lovers of Modern Batik Model Male Female. Here's an example of modern kebaya and bun Kartinian.

Baju kebaya kartini

Baju kebaya kartini Kebaya modern

Baju kebaya kartini seksi tapi modern

Baju kebaya kartini

Kartini Collected Poems
An Opinion on "Traditional Kebaya" and the association was with Culture and Current Condition of Women's.

Of course, most people especially people of Indonesia are not familiar with the term kebaya. Kebaya is a women's clothing or kebayak ancient Javan (era where modernization has not entered Indonesia). At that time, the kebaya is everyday wear for women. Kebaya combined with batik cloth or "jarik" and jarik is tied tightly with benting (Stagen). How to bind Stagen must be such that "fast and neat".

To quote from wikipedia:Origin of the word comes from the Arabic kebaya abaya means clothing. Kebaya Trust comes from China hundreds of years ago. Then spread to Malacca, Java, Bali, Sumatra, and Sulawesi. After acculturation that took place hundreds of years, the outfit received in the local culture and norms.Prior to 1600, on the island of Java, kebaya worn clothes that only the royal family there. During the period of Dutch control of the island, European women began wearing kebaya as formal dress. During this period, kebaya changed from only using mori fabric using silk with colorful embroidery.Related to the above quote, the kebaya is a formal wear for certain circles. It could be concluded that significant wear kebaya is important at a time. Based on these conclusions, further discussion of this article is kebaya as "a symbol of cultural development".The term "kebaya" is used in this paper is the traditional kebaya, a traditional dress instead modern kebaya.

Why kebaya as a symbol of cultural order?
At that time, the fashion world has not developed as it is today. There are many dress codes are followed by most of society. Kebaya is a women's clothing, men's clothing instead. Women also should not wear men's clothing. That is to say that the kebaya dress is a symbol of cultural order at that time.Compared to the modern era, fashion apparel fashion evolve freely through the rules of tradition. Women can wear men's clothing, menswear fashion instead some occasionally inspired fashion women's clothing (although looks are not uncommon, but in development mode this actually happened).From the brief description above, it can be concluded that the kebaya is one of the cultural symbols of order and behavior at the time. Where the rules and traditions still be important to be obeyed.

When viewed from the sub-title above, this paper like a criticism. But that's not the real goal of this paper. It is aimed at learning more about the development of culture in Indonesia, especially with regard to women.Why kebaya is called the symbol of captivity?Use kebaya "right" is combined with jarik (batik cloth), depths and the use benting such that women are not free to move about freely as it is today. If applied to modern life, women who are using the kebaya not be able to walk with a step width or even running. And you should be careful when riding a motorcycle or a car.Women who are wearing kebaya should go gracefully. Hair styled in such a way that it is not free flowing. With this kebaya outfit indirectly so that women will organize more regular behavior.For the modern woman in the modern era, the use of the kebaya is a captivity. On formal occasions, modern kebaya often used as an alternative outfit. Although talh modified in such a way, not a few women who complain when I have to wear kebaya a whole day.So, what if a woman should wear a kebaya modern every day like the days of old? Obviously a lot of activities are hampered and delayed.

Warning Kartini birth date, 21 April, is always associated with the kebaya. Kartini Day commemoration celebrations are usually held in schools on the theme of traditional Indonesian kebaya or clothing. It is a form of cultural preservation and also commemorate National Heroes.Why Memorial Day Kartini Synonymous with Kebaya? The short answer is: "Because Kartini wearing Kebaya".Of all the historical documents in the form of photographs, drawings or paintings of RA Kartini, all using traditional kebaya neat, with jarik and traditional bun. Thus, the figure of RA Kartini is always synonymous with kebaya.

In the modern era, the presence of kebaya still exist up to this writing. Modern kebaya modified such that suitable to be applied in various circles. Alloys also do not have a cloth jarik, but can be combined with songket cloth, gloves, pants, even jeans for a semi-formal mode.Kebaya is also applied on bridal fashion, especially bridal Java. For the wedding dress, kebaya been modified so that it could be used by Muslim bride. The materials used also can vary depending on the needs.Some of the values ​​that remain stable kebaya to date are:Kebaya remains synonymous with formal or formal attire, although some modifications are made kebaya dress semi-formal.Kebaya shows typical Indonesian clothing designs.Kebaya is always "close" to the beauty and elegance.Kebaya still favored a wide range of people, especially women.Until now, kebaya continues to develop and be modified so that its presence increasingly favored women.Remains preserved as one of kebaya fashion fortune Indonesia!