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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kebaya Best Choice For Graduation

When graduation is indeed a very valuable event for graduates and wisudawati, women usually want to look elegant in these precious moments for a lifetime, therefore many are wearing kebaya, here are some tips for you women who want to wear kebaya graduation right :

Model Kebaya For Women stature Fat: If there are women with extra large body, not to worry. You can anticipate kebaya to be used in order to look slimmer and taller. Of course you need to pay attention to shape, model, and color of the kebaya. You can wear a kebaya is thin, but keep the kebaya is not made of fabric that dreamy because you may actually accentuate fat in the body. Kebaya usually have motifs and patterns. For that you can take a small and simple motifs. Motifs that are too big even make you more 'big' than ever before. Kebaya Design for graduation also need to be considered in detail. You just confirmed to tailor clothing to not make a kebaya with a suffocating neck circumference. Also avoid high-necked kebaya design and use padding. For subordinates, you can adjust the color with the color kebaya jarit interest. Choose soft colors so as not to seem tacky.

Model Kebaya For Women stature Skinny: skinny woman can look fuller by wearing kebaya for the exact graduation. You can choose kebaya with bright color. Pastels can be a major alternative because you will look more radiant and attractive to look at. There are some that you should avoid colors such as navy, black, gray and dark green. All colors will actually make you thinner. Materials that can be used for kebaya is chiffon or fabric with a texture that falls on the body that looks fit. Also do not choose the model kebaya collar off shoulder / sabrina, kebaya is too open at the shoulders and form a very tight kebaya. For subordinates, you can wear a patterned jarit. In order not complicated select directly skirts jarit used. A folded skirt is more comfortable to wear along with kebaya for graduation.